3rd Maine Co F

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Rank                              Name                        1st Person

Major                        Andy Shogren              Darius Bunker

Captain                      Jan White                     Wilson Smith



1st Sergeant                 Jonathan Radzewicz   John R. Brown

1st Corporal             Spencer Polly               James Brown  

2nd Corporal               Thomas Anderson        William H. Westin                



1. Private                       Gary Bergstrom           Danville F. Fish

2. Private                       Thomas Saucier          

3. Private                       Tony Kocha                Benjamin Greenlief 

4. Private                       John Alcock                      

5. Private                       Dana Cobb                 John H. Gardner

6. Private                       Keith Compton            Luther A. Williamson

7. Private                       Ed Henry                    George Wing

8. Private                       Dylan Henry                George Burgess

9. Private                       Joe Lyons                   Francisco Capino

10. Private                     Michael Shepherd         Cyrus Young 

11. Private                     Tim Mitchell                Alpheus S. Greenlief

12. Private/Music          Terry Portman            George R. Packard  

14. Private                     Ryan Portman              Pratt

15. Private                     Jared Kocha                 Benjamin Hall

16. Private                     Jeff Ellsworth               

17. Private                     Joe Smart                   Charles N. Maxwell

18. Private                     Jacob Tse                 

19. Private                     Vernon Weinhart          Daniel Emory

20. Private                     Bill Weinhart                Frank Heald 



1. Civilian                      Carol Weinhart

2. Civilian                      Shira Ellsworth

3. Civilian                      Laura Kocha

4. Civilian                      Debbie Kocha               Aka. George Keef          

5. Civilian                      Julie Anderson

6. Civilian                      Jill Shepherd

7. Civilian                      Theresa Cobb

8. Civilian                      Susan Radzewicz

9. Civilian                      Judy Jett

10. Civilian                    Renee Sherman-Miller

11.Civilian                     Jane Smart

12. Civilian                      Tara Cox




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